Look Up Systems' Medical QR©
is the ultimate EMS' tool.

The Decal, The Card, You're Covered!

Look Up Systems' Medical QR© goes well beyond the traditional paper emergency information and/or USB memory sticks. Your information that the Medical QR© displays can be changed by you at anytime.

You will have the choice on what information will show when scanned. You will have up to five sanctioning bodies/organizations to list as a member. These sanctioning bodies/organizations can access this essential information you allow when registering for an event. This will stream line medical and personal safety equipment verification with the sanctioning body/organization.

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During the sign up process, with the exception of your photo, name, emergency contact information, allergies, medical condition and personal safety equipment. Mandatory information like address with the other information can be hidden when the Medical QR is scanned by either an IR Scanning device or smart phone/tablet using our App.

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Optional essential information can include, hearing aids/ear buds, contacts lenses. Vaccination Shots like Tetanus, health insurance as well as Auto PIP insurance number (required in no fault insurance states). It's the Auto PIP that pays for EMTs/Ambulances that is really handy if you also ride a motorcycle on the street.

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The Medical QR when placed on an ID card, helmet, racing suit or smooth surface of safety equipment, is instantly identified by way of sticker, embroidery or silkscreen by emergency responders and medical personnel as the ultimate first response tool at the site of an accident. The Medical QR scanned by EMTs and medical personnel instantly provides basic medical information, emergency contact information, any personal safety/medical equipment not visually identified on your person. This information is accessible 24/7 from our secured proprietary database.

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