Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

General Information

Q Is this HIPAA Compliant?
Q Can anyone scan my information? i am concerned with privacy.
Q When will I receive my Decal and Wallet Card from my subscription?
Q Do I get the Plastic Card Wallet Card with my subscription?
Q My ACTIVATION CODE does not work
Q How secure is my medical information on your server?
Q Can I get a replacement Wallet Card or Decals?
Q Can anyone buy a subscription?

Filling in the Medical QR Profile

Q Which Doctor should I list in the profile?
Q What name should I use? My given name or a the name I am known by?
Q Do I have to include my address?
Q What is the picture requirements.
Q My Primary insurance is Medicare. Medicare uses my Social Security number as my account number. I don't want to put my Medicare number on the program.
Q How much or how little information should I put in my Medical Profile?
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